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About CaliBay Industrial Communications - Calibay Construction & Communication

About CaliBay Industrial

CaliBay Industrial Communications is a family owned, independent electrical, low voltage, and security contractor company, located in Woodland Hills, California. We serve the entire Los Angeles Area, CA. The owner is a former Electrical & Computer Engineer turned contractor, combining his managerial, technical, and hands-on skills with his creative passions. We have the knowledge and the ability to meet and exceed those challenges effortlessly.

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Our Partners

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Our Mission

Our Mission - Calibay Construction & Communication

At Calibay Industrial Communications, we understand the significance of utilizing excellent good products combined with superb service. We strive for 100% client satisfaction by creating mutually beneficial long-term relationships.


We believe that a company is only as good as the promises it keeps that were made during our sales process. We believe in holding ourselves accountable to clearly defined key performance indicators established at the outset of every service.

We are committed to the CaliBayMedia motto about the three “R’s” of customer satisfaction: Relationships, Responsiveness, and Results.


Our Business

We understand that electricity and security are essential pillars of our modern life. Therefore, we take our job earnestly and contemplate that each client has their challenges. We customize the right solution for all your unique needs. 


We are open to new and creative solutions and pride ourselves on our experience, quality, and customer service. We are diligent in improving our constant training and the knowledge of our technical department.


From Industrial, commercial and residential customers, our commitment to you is the same. We appreciate your continued support and business and look forward to a long relations ship.

Security Room - Calibay Construction & Communication

Our Process

Lissten and analyse - Calibay Construction & Communication

Listen & Analyse

Calibay Industrials Communications will perform an audit of your existing technology and review your needs and goals, concerns, and expectation.

This allows us to understand the troubles that you are encountering and analyze solutions for the right path to success.

Discovery and research - Calibay Construction & Communication

Discovery & Research

Calibay Industrials Communications will review and research the technologies available to maximize your investment in your security system.

Then we will conduct a thorough analysis and an onsite security assessment, including your team, to provide additional input.

Design and Review - Calibay Construction & Communication

Design & Review

Calibay Industrials Communications will make service recommendations, with the goal of matching the best technologies suitable for your specific needs.

We then compile a complete design review that includes a proposal, software license, service to be performed, and a demonstration of the effectiveness.

project management and implementation - Calibay Construction & Communication

Project Management & Implementation

Calibay Industrials Communications will produce a complete scope of work, an installation schedule, deliverables and timelines.

During the project's scope, Calibay Industrials Communications will deliver written progress reports throughout the installation.

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Training & Operation

Calibay Industrials Communications’ responsibility is to ensure that you and your team are fully capable of operating any technology we install.

Our goal is to provide you with complete independence once the project is completed.

Final review and sign off - Calibay Construction & Communication

Final Review & Sign Off

Calibay Industrials Communications will review with you all your requirements and implementation performed.

This step is to make sure everything is to your satisfaction and obtain sign off.

eyeglasses pen with pencil and rulers on several - Calibay Construction & Communication

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